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Books I have read over time

One second after

by William R. Forstchen

Easy to read story depicting how quickly our very civilized societies can be returned to the middle ages, feudal systems, sky high death rates and even cannibalism. A real page turner, which I finished over the course of a week. The back story is a little too "we're American, how could this happen", but the detail of what happens when anything electrical stops working is all too alarming. Highly recommended.

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The player of games

by Iain M. Banks

Great book from one of the all time greats of science fiction. An Intergalactic game of Risk determines the fate of the main protagonists and the future of billions.

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by Peter Watts

A well written hard science fiction book. The hard science can be difficult follow at times, but the concepts and storyline are original.

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This is How You Lose the Time War

by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

An interesting approach to cooperating on a book with each author "playing" one of the two spies chasing each other through time and space.

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