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This is page lists all the sites I have helped produce since I hosted my first site on the now discontinued Geocities in 1998.

Some of these sites have since gone on to win awards for clarity and quality of information as well as for best interactive website.

Nearly all of them have been produced through my work at Minervation. Up until late 2010 the sites were produced using Minervation's in-house CMS: Phaedrus. Since then we switched to using Wordpress more and more. I left Minervation in late 2012, so this list more or less stops there.

Sites I have helped produce

This is a quick overview of all the sites I have produced over time. (As you can see I no longer build sites!)

National Elf Service

national elf serice homepageThe National Elf Service is an information product from Minervation which aims to make evidence based information on a number of topics easy to find and understand.

PiF redesign

PiF Homepage

Minervation have now launched the redesigned Patient Information Forum website. It has been moved to Wordpress and given a very nice facelift.  As I no longer work for Minervation my involvement was limited to the initial recommendations as to plugins and so on.

ACTA Community Theatre

ACTA Community Theatre homepageMinervation have just launched a new, WordPress based, website for the ACTA Community Theatre in Bristol. Whilst I no longer work for Minervation and didn't finish this website, I did help in laying the ground work for it and specifically sorting out the various homepage streams.

Testing Treatments Interactive

Testing Treatments Interactive homepage

The second edition of the Testing Treatments site is now online. It is an international edition with translations of the site into several different languages in progress. It includes intelligent cross-linking between the various languages.

Informed Choice about Cancer Screening

In July 2012 Minervation launched the Informed Choice about Cancer Screening for the King’s Health Partners. This website concerns the review to develop a new approach to present information on the benefits and harms of cancer screening for the public, patients and health professionals in a balanced and even-handed way, which is conducted on behalf of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes.

Responsive redevelopment of Oxford University Careers service website

Homepage of Careers ServiceAfter several months in development, Minervation have now launched the new website for the Oxford University Careers Service. The design and markup of this responsive website were created by Design By day and implemented in Wordpress by Minervation (by me :-) ). My work involved a fair bit of programming getting lots of feeds working as well as various JavaScript effects. This is our first responsive website and we are very proud of the outcome. Our extensive user testing indicates users will like this site. We hope you do too.

Redesigned site for Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry

Homepage of CEBDIn June 2012 Minervation launched the redesigned CEBD site. This included a complete makeover as well moving the content into Wordpress.  My involvement, as with many of our more straightforward Wordpress sites was minimal.  Wordpress just makes it so easy to create websites with little technical know-how.

Minervation.com Wordpress migration

As part of the general move to Wordpress at Minervation, we re-developed the Minervation site in Wordpress. Almost all of this work was done without me, except for the task of integrating Mienrvation's .Net based LIDA tool into the website.

GMC Learning disabilities website

In 2011 Minervation, was tasked to design and create the markup for the new GMC (General Medical Council) Learning disabilities website. The actual design was done by Design by Day and implemented using Minervation's Phaedrus content managements system as a proof of concept and for usability testing. The final markup (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and content were then delivered as a package to the GMC. The designs went live in April 2012.

Healthyliving award

Healthyliving award websiteThe healthyliving award rewards caterers in Scotland for dishing up healthier food and helping their customers make better food choices. Minervation redesigned this website and developed a members area to enable award holders to get online access to information specific to their award. Whilst most new Minervation sites are being developed in Wordpress, this one still uses Minervation's in-house CMS "Phaedrus".


This was a straigtforward Wordpress website for NSUHR: An international Network to Support Understanding of Health Research. As with many of our recent, smaller, Wordpress my input was limited to technical assistance during setup and launch.

Maggie's CancerLinks

Homepage of Maggie's CancerLinks Maggie's has taken over the management of this valueable resource. The site has come a long from it's initial launch as the Oxford Cancer Information website. It continues to provide high quality and up-to-date links on Cancer information both locally and nationally.

IDEAL Collaboration

The IDEAL CollaborationA straightforward Wordpress website aiming to "improve research quality in surgery, radiotherapy, physiotherapy and other areas of complex intervention".  To be honest I didn't have much involvement in this one, other than configuring the webserver to host the site.

Testing Treatments

This is a set of interlinked multilingual Wordpress powered websites created to promote the 2nd edition of the book "Testing Treatments", which is possibly the clearest book about Evidence Based Medicine available (or so I am told, as I am not an EBM expert). However, the fact that the first edition was translated into several languages is certainly noteworthy.

The National Elf Service

Homepage of The Mental Elf blogThe National Elf Service is a network of health related Wordpress blogs setup and managed by Minervation. So far there four blogs as part of the network:

Vitamin D Council

Homepage of Vitamin D CouncilThe Vitamin D Council is a US charity promoting the health benefits of Vitamin D as well as the consequences of being Vitamin D deficient. It is Minervation's highest traffic website and required the development of a caching system to ensure it could be hosted efficiently. It also makes extensive use of the news section, image manager and the taxonomy module for the Health Conditions section.


Homepage of Oxford University Business Economics ProgrammeIn June 2011 Minervation launched a new website for Oxford University Business Economics Programme (OUBEP). This is another reasonably simply brochure, making good use the image manager functionality. Later in the year a private blog for alumni of the programme was added to the site.


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