About Me


Robin's the name, blogging's the game. 😎

This is my personal space for writing down my ideas. Amongst other things, it contains content on accessibility on the web, travel, the occasional thought on the things happening right now and a photo from time to time. You can also see what I am currently reading.

You can also find a portfolio of websites I helped create over the years. It's been a while since I did that. Most were produced whilst working for Minervation - still my favourite employer, although I stopped working there years ago.

About this site

This site is handcoded using plain old HTML and CSS. Server side, the text is largely written using markdown and the site is generated using eleventy. Client-side there are no cookies, no javascript, no annoying tracking or data privacy popups and no annoying design gimmicks that get in the way of the content. It's plain text, largely black on white.

This site can also be subscribed through the RSS feed containing all my posts.